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Portland’s Choice for Psychedelic Facilitator Training Programs

Clinical Cognitive Training is among the first certified psilocybin facilitator training centers in the country. We are here to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to assist with psychedelic therapy in Oregon.

If you think becoming a psilocybin facilitator might be right for you, contact us for more information. Our advisors can talk with you about our application, answer any questions, and schedule a tour.

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Our Portland, Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Programs

Clinical Cognitive Training offers two programs to fit the needs of our students. Whether you want to jump in full-time to complete the program in only eight weeks or need a more flexible schedule, we have the program for you.

Onsite Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program

Our full-time, twelve-week program meets Monday - Wednesday.

This is a 175-hour, on-campus program, approved by the Oregon Health Authority and exceeding Oregon state requirements.

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Hybrid Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program

Students complete the didactic portion of the program through our online portal, then arrange to come onsite for the 40 hours of experiential learning.

Students must complete the program within one year.

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Why Students Choose Us for Oregon Psychedelic Therapy Training

Why Students Choose Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training in Portland

Clinically Focused, Culturally Respectful, and Ethically Responsible

Our students appreciate our small class sizes and the relationships built between themselves and the instructors. We do not operate with a profit-first, corporate mentality. Instead, we offer more personal attention, allowing students the ability to delve more deeply into the process.

We are positioned to train our students in

  • The most comprehensive
  • Most cost-effective and
  • The most scientific manner in Oregon

We recognize that facilitators are not mental health therapists, but facilitators are more than trip sitters.

We provide foundational education that is respectful of ancient cultures and traditions while enfolding leading psychological support methods. Additionally, students will receive:

  • CPR training
  • First Aid Education
  • A curated student kit to support them with future clients.
  • A strong practicum with an experience with psilocybin as a client and as a facilitator, along with a focus on the documentation required by the state of Oregon.
  • A psilocybin focused practicum with opportunities to participate as a client, partner with a licensed facilitator and work within a group experience. We are aligned with Brain Brew PDX,  a licensed service center in Beaverton, Oregon, about 15 minutes from Clinical Cognitive's campus.
  • Discounted hotel rates at the Marriott Courtyard right next door. Mention 'Spectrum' for discounted rates. Call 503-684-7900

Our goal is to graduate skilled, ethical and caring professional psychedelic facilitators who can support clients through their journey, whether seeking spiritual exploration, healing from trauma, relief from depression and anxiety or increased creativity.


Facilitators code of ethics

A Veteran-Aligned Psychedelic Training Program in Portland, Oregon

Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training in Portland

We recognize the mental health crisis in our nation and seek to reduce its profound impact on our military citizens. We offer tuition support for veterans or their families who choose to train as facilitators through our non-profit organization, UpHold Our Troops. It is our fervent desire to create sustainable change for our military brothers and sisters, so that all Oregonians may benefit from the healing power of psilocybe cubensis. A military veteran who chooses to become a licensed psilocybin facilitator can continue to serve those struggling with PTSD, depression, addiction and trauma from war.

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What Our Students Are Saying About Our Portland, Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training

When I decided to take the Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator training I contacted a number of groups but Clinical Cognitive was the only one that responded quickly, if at all.I have now been training in-person with Clinical Cognitive for two months and every day has been a good experience. They have great instructors, and they even invite knowledgeable guests to go beyond the scope of Oregon's training protocol.I would highly recommend you check out Clinical Cognitive before you choose your psilocybin training school.

Howard Sanderson

After applying to multiple schools and getting slow and nonexistent responses I found Clinical Cognitive. I spoke to both Mary and Ann on the phone and knew this was the school I wanted to attend. I did in-person training and received my certificate today.  I just applied to the State for my license and passed the exam with 96%. The program went beyond what the state's training required.  The Lead instructor Ann is an RN and her medical and science backgrounds were brilliantly interwoven into the curriculum.  Kudos to Mary and Clinical Cognitive for putting together such a well-run program.

Scott Holden

Best school in the state. Mary is a wonderful administrator and Ann is the best instructor you could hope for. For in-person or hybrid, I can't recommend this school enough.

Jadryn Ownbey

This program has impressed me on so many levels. After reviewing multiple programs, I found this program to be well-established, meticulously structured, and comprehensive. Furthermore, I appreciate that they are US Military Veteran aligned. I am a US Army veteran and for my honorable service, Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training LLC awarded me tuition assistance covering 100% of the enrollment fee. I am now enrolled in the hybrid program and absolutely loving it!

Rebecca Peters

What People Are Asking About Our Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Where is Clinical Cognitive Training located?

Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training is located in the Pacific Corporate Center at 6650 SW Redwood Ln Suite 380, Portland, OR 97224.

Contact our admissions advisors to schedule a tour!

How much does the Psilocybin Facilitator Training Course cost?

Clinical Cognitive Training offers our Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program for $8558 plus a $50 application fee after your acceptance into the program.

Check out the Tuition page for more information about payment plans, scholarships, and more!

How do I sign up?

Contact us and we can walk you through the application process, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a tour of our facility.  

If you know Clinical Cognitive Training is right for you, you can apply today!

What are your class sizes like?

We like to keep our classes small for more individualized instruction. We typically have a class size of 6 enabling our students to get the most out of our program.

Do you offer online courses?

We offer a Hybrid Psilocybin Facilitator course for those students who need a little more flexibility to complete the program. The didactic portion will be completed through our online portal, then students will schedule their experiential portion on-campus with our instructors.

Who can apply to be an Oregon psilocybin facilitator?

In order to attend a facilitator training program, students must be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent. To become licensed, students must graduate from an approved program, pass a criminal background check, pass a state exam, and be an Oregon resident (this requirement will expire in 2025.)


Affordable Tuition Aligned with Measure 109's Mission for Affordable Access to Psilocybin Services. Affordable Access Begins With Education.

Our goal aligns with Measure 109's vision of affordable and equitable psilocbyin services. We believe affordable access begins with affordable education. All schools are required to teach the same state mandated curriculum. Our onsite program meets the state requirements in 12 weeks. We want you to find a career in the psilocybin space NOW and help launch an exciting field. Our hybrid program gives you one year to complete the state mandated requirements.

If you think becoming a psilocybin facilitator might be right for you, contact us for more information. Our advisors can talk with you about our application, answer any questions, and schedule a tour.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty.

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