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Preparing for a Psilocybin Experience: How Long Does a Trip on Mushrooms Last?

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April 25, 2024
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We’ve all heard some sort of outlandish misconceptions when it comes to psychedelics like psilocybin.

Maybe you’ve heard fables of people taking a small amount of mushrooms, only for their trip to last for days or a lifetime. Or perhaps your only experience with mushrooms is what you’ve heard online or seen depicted in the media. 

As you prepare for your psilocybin experience, it is encouraged that you allow yourself to ask questions, such as, “How long does a mushroom trip last?” 

In your research, you’ve probably come across some zany urban legends and skewed answers. 

We’re here to offer a general idea of how long your mushroom trip may last while describing several mechanisms that may affect the length of your psychedelic encounter. 

how long does a trip on mushrooms last

How Long Does a Mushroom Trip Last?

As is typical in life, it depends. 

Your personal life experience is as unique as your mushroom trip will be. We are complex beings, and psilocybin can have different physical, mental, and spiritual reactions depending on who takes them. 

According to our experts at Cognitive Clinical Training, mushroom trips in a clinical, legal setting may last anywhere from one hour to eight hours or longer. It all depends on several factors. Keep in mind that trips outside of a controlled environment, like a recreational setting, may last longer since the main contributor to trip length is dosage.

However, the residual effects of a psilocybin experience may last up to 24 hours, and the benefits can last much longer.

how long does a mushroom trip last

5 Factors That Can Impact How Long a Mushroom Trip Will Last

How long a mushroom trip will last may depend on a variety of factors. 

#1: Dosage

Dosage may be the most significant factor that determines how long a mushroom trip will last. According to our experts at Clinical Cognitive Training, extremely small doses (like microdoses) require you to stay at the service center for as little as 30 minutes. Your first microdose requires you to stay at the service center for 1 hour. Microdosing is ingesting a subperceptual dose of psilocybin. You should not feel impaired. If you feel altered, it was not a microdose and you should reduce the next dose til you find the dose that is appropriate for your body. 

The state of Oregon has rules on dosing and duration of session time, which include:

  1. For clients consuming less than 2.5 mg of psilocybin analyte, the minimum duration of the administration session must be one hour for the client’s initial administration session at a service center. 
  2. For clients consuming equal to or greater than 2.5 mg and less than 5 mg of psilocybin, the minimum duration of the administration session must be one hour.
  3. For clients consuming equal to or greater than 5 mg and less than 10 mg of psilocybin, the minimum duration of the administration session must be two hours.
  4. For clients consuming equal or greater than 10 mg and less than 25 mg of psilocybin, the minimum duration of the administration session must be four hours.
  5. For clients consuming equal or greater than 25 mg and up to 35 mg of psilocybin, the minimum duration of the administration session must be five hours.
  6. For clients consuming equal or greater than 35 mg and up to 50 mg of psilocybin, the minimum duration of the administration session must be six hours.

While the maximum session time is six hours, some individuals may be impaired for longer, so some sessions could exceed this time by several hours, depending on your body’s metabolism, your age and health factors.

Macrodosing vs. Microdosing

Macrodosing is when a larger amount of psilocybin is consumed to experience greater hallucinogenic effects. A macrodose might be considered to be more than five milligrams of psilocybin.

Unlike macrodosing, microdosing uses smaller doses to achieve a much more subtle subperceptual effect but with reportedly many benefits. 

The largest dose Oregon allows individuals to take in a licensed service center setting is 50 mg. However, it is essential to note that this would be 50 mg of psilocybin, not the weight of the mushrooms. 

How Is Dosing Determined for a Mushroom Trip in a Facilitated Session?

The dosage should be reflected in the intention of the trip and the desired duration of the experience. 

For individuals who want to use psilocybin to enhance their creativity, a shorter dose may be all that they need. Complex needs may require more time. For someone who wants to heal from trauma or mental health issues, a larger dose or a series of sessions may be what they need. 

While the duration and dose should ultimately be up to the client, the facilitator can help them consider their options and devise the best trip plan for their wants and needs. 

Cognitive Clinical Training is the premier psilocybin facilitator training school in Oregon. Along with teaching you how to safely guide clients through psilocybin journeys, we will instruct you on how to approach psilocybin intake interviews, called preparation and orientation sessions. 

Our training programs will also help you develop skills in the following:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • End-of-life anxiety reduction with psilocybin
  • Managing the psilocybin client experience, including identifying & appropriately managing a negative experience

#2: Consumption Method

The way the psilocybin is consumed may influence how quickly it is metabolized. 

Mushroom tea doesn’t require much digestion since it is a liquid that frequently begins breaking down the fibers in the mushroom and allow for easier absorption. This may cause the psilocybin to take effect sooner.. Whole dried mushrooms and capsules must be digested; therefore, it may take longer for the journey to begin. 

how long does a mushroom trip last for

#3: Mushroom Species

Different species of mushrooms can carry various amounts of psilocybin, some more or less than others. There are over 180 different species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin. 

Psilocybe cubensis is the only mushroom legally permitted in Oregon although there are many varieties which have pop-culture popularity. Popular varieties of mushrooms used for psilocybin therapy may include:

  • (Psilocybe cubensis): Golden Teacher, Hillbilly Pumpkin, Blue Meanies, Albino Teacher, Shakti, and many more

#4: Individual Physical Attributes

Your physiology may directly influence how quickly your body metabolizes psilocybin (and, therefore, how short or long your trip is). Some of these biological factors may include:

  • Age
  • BMI
  • Kidney and liver functions
  • Metabolic processes

#5: What Was Ingested Prior To Consumption

Factors that may affect your trip duration involving food might include:

  • If you consumed them on an empty stomach
  • The type of food or drink you consume before
  • Any other substances or medications already in your system

It’s also good to consider what you eat before you trip, since psilocybin may cause gastrointestinal issues for some. At Clinical Cognitive Training, we recommend eating something light that will not cause indigestion before your trip. We also recommended being fully hydrated. 

how long does a bad mushroom trip last

How a Mushroom Trip May Affect the Perception of Time

Estimating the duration of your trip is much easier to do when you are sober. It is common knowledge that hallucinogens may alter your perception of time. This phenomenon may cause your six-hour trip to feel much longer or shorter. It all depends on how the psilocybin affects your perceptions

How Long Are Mushrooms Detected in Your System?

Your physiological attributes may affect how quickly your body rids itself of psilocybe and psilocybin. You may have once heard that psilocybin only shows up as food poisoning in drug tests, but this is not always true. 

Typically, mushrooms can stay in your system for several days and be detected by tests specifically designed to detect psychedelic use. However, most standard tests are not complex enough to detect hallucinogens. 

Psilocybin can be detected in a urine test for up to 24 hours after consumption, whereas a blood and saliva test may only detect it within 12 hours. Hair tests may be able to detect psilocybin presence for up to 90 days. 

Learn To Facilitate Productive Mushroom Trips With Clinical Cognitive Training

As a facilitator, you will have the ability to help and guide people seeking the benefits of psilocybin. Preparation and planning are key to a productive and effective psilocybin experience. As a facilitator, you will assist clients by helping them plan their journey and determining their desired effects, dosage, duration, intention, and more. 

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be one of the guiding hands in someone’s healing journey? Facilitators actively participate in this by offering support and attention to those who are looking for a better way to change their lives. 

If this interests you, Clinical Cognitive Training invites you to learn more about psilocybin facilitator programs. It is our mission to help potential clients and facilitators be a part of this exciting revolutionary form of self transformation.  

We have two program types that may suit your availability. One of our programs is a fast-track in-person course that will have you ready in eleven weeks. The other is a hybrid class that is self paced over a year and may best suit prospective students who already have a busy schedule with work and family life. 

Contact one of our Clinical Cognitive Training recruiters to learn more today. 

how long does a mushroom trip last

The content in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.